In the animated and narrated book Live Alphabet,
the youngest readers will be introduced to their ABCs
in a fun and entertaining way! Every letter reveals a cartoon with characters
that your children will love.
Here, you can meet a giraffe; drive an airplane or a car; try different outfits
on a doll or different mustache on a gentleman; learn how to make
magic with a common jar; or what came first: the hen or the egg?
 Made with love.

And this is a poster drawn by  Oxana Grivina became the base of application
Live Alphabet. You are welcome to print it for your home,
kindergarten or school. All files have a resolution appropriate for hi-res print.
Download links:

This poster is designed and distributed for non-commercial use only and prohibited for sale.
Oxana Grivina & Third Bird Party! © 2010-2011
Registration number 496412908 in certification center 

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